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    • UGH, WHY DO I HAVE TO REMOVE SUGAR? We get it, this is hard, but you absolutely can do hard things. Week 1 we remove all “withdrawals” which is basically anything...
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Out of bed. Drive to class. Eff yes. I’m KILLING IT! New year, betches!!!!

 You hit every damn red light. Construction. Eff. You’ll get there just. on. time.


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You think you know who I am.

What I do. What I represent.

I see the way you look at me.

You don’t think I see you?

But you don’t know me.

Let me repeat: You. Don’t. Know. Me.


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Take a moment and think back to when you were young.

Really young. Just a child. On vacation. You’re maybe five, six years old.

Seriously, take a second. I’ll wait. Get into this.


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Your iPhone beeps, flashes in the dark. 5:00. In the morning.

Why. Why am I doing this. I should be sleeping. I should be dreaming. I should be dreaming of sleeping.

I’ll never be this...

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Your body is a vessel.

Take a minute. Seriously.

Think about it.

The absolute beauty and intricacy of this.

Not your muscle or your weight.

Your wrinkles or your dimples.

Your tan or pale skin.


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A lot of things. A lot of people. A hell of a lot of expectations.

Get it done. Hurry up. Follow through. Measure up.

Smaller. Leaner. Faster. Thinner. Smarter. Harder. Better.

We’re under...

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