The Check Yourself Nutrition program is back! And the information keeps getting bigger + better. So, if you're looking for 24-7 support from your nutrition program this is your chance! You owe it to yourself to make your relationship with food as healthy as possibleThis program is backed by System of Strength, and it WORKS. The next 21-Day journey starts on Nov 1 and you'll have an all star cast to lead you through.




  • BRAND NEW Recipes
  • 24-7 Support from Kayla & Team
  • Community Chat (Fan Fave!)
  • Free 30-day subscription to the Digital Studio
  • Videos on meal prep, motivation, and tactics to guide you through the 21-days
  • Daily Emails that will provide education, tough love, and inspiration
  • Grocery Lists
  • Meal Prep Lists & Suggested Meal Plans
  • Prizes!


The SOS Digital Studio 

Check Yourself wouldn't be complete without some SOS sweat drenching badassery!

A free 30-day subscription comes with the Check Yourself. Already a subscriber? We'll give you the free month or an SOS credit in the amount of a free month, no problemo.


Your Fearless Leaders 

She brought you some new spice and flavor in 2020, then again in January, and she's back again to keep it rolling. Everyone say hello once again to Kayla, returning for Check Yourself once again and like a fine wine she only get's better with time. You can catch her on Instagram @cincyfitfoodie

SOS co-founders and Badass extraordinaires, Keri Croft and Gretchen Dusseau, will be along for the ride as well.


Friends, on Friends, on Friends Here to Help.

When you get in on the Check Yourself action, we don't expect you to do it alone. So on top of daily emails helping you meal prep, stay motivated, and just checking up, we also have an exclusive Community Chat where you can talk to other people participating in Check Yourself and communicate directly with your fearless leaders.


We Want You to Show Up and Give Your All.

We want you to dive into this program and give it 110%. Post on social media, chat with the other Check Yourself-ers and get totally involved. Each week, Kayla+Team will pick the person they think is the most active and they'll win a really cool prize just for playin' hard.


Think you're ready for Check Yourself? Well we don't think you are, we KNOW you are. Let's get you rocking into the new decade with a brand new partner in crime: Yourself.

""This program ROCKED my world. I can't say enough about the things I learned, especially the habits that hold me back and the subconscious things I do that add up. I'm more equipped than ever to have a healthy relationship with food. THANK YOU Check Yourself team!" "

-Sara T

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